Friday, December 28, 2007

Killing the Opposition

Yesterday morning headlines around the world blared with the news that former Pakistani prime Minister Bhutto had been assassinated. While not the most exemplary person, Bhutto had long stood against the corrupt and sadistic government of Pakistan. Bhutto was perhaps President Musharraf's most severe critic, hence it is no surprise that she has met an untimely end.

However, it is quite interesting to note that Musharraf and the Pakistani government has wasted no time in pinning the blame upon terrosists - Al-Qaeda, no less.

This foolish action of killing an opposition leader has taken Pakistan to the brink of civil war, according to the Canadian and Australian media. Pakistan is a nation with nuclear weapons and such a conflict could prove to be devastating to that entire region.

The Jefferson Republican Party condemns the assassination of Benazir Bhutto. The killing of an opponent, despite whoever is truly responsible for the action, is deplorable. Further more this action shows that man has reached such a despicable state that not only are men targeted in their murderous designs, but also are women in children murdered without impunity.

Jefferson Republican Party

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


The following article originally appeared on the Swamp Fox Files on Monday, December 3, 2007. Everyone is urged to take action on this issue.

This past weekend I wrote the governor of North Carolina, Mike Easley, about the position he has recently taken on the illegal alien issue here. North Carolina is allowing illegals to attend North Carolina's community colleges. While Easley's response (actually, it was his office that responded, i.e., he didn't care to even bother read what I wrote) was not surprising, it is still infuriating.

The following is the complete text of the response from the governor's office (bold is mine for emphasis):

Thank you for contacting Gov. Mike Easley on this important issue.

Gov. Easley says it is in North Carolina’s interest to allow immigrants to attend North Carolina community colleges if they qualify and pay out-of-state tuition. Out of state tuition more than covers the cost of the service, so no tax dollars pay for their education. These are young people who were brought here as babies or youngsters, through no fault of their own. They distinguished themselves in our public schools.

Gov. Easley will not grind a heel in their faces and slam doors on them. The community college systems must be open to everyone so they can become productive members of our society and help North Carolina and America compete in the world economy. [Even though they are not even citizens?] To do otherwise would be to set a policy that is destined to build a weaker North Carolina . We do not want to reap the consequences of that. [What is this a reference to?]

Denying immigrants access to community colleges does not penalize them, it penalizes our state and innocent children. Any problems with immigration exist because of the United States Congress’ failure to accept its Constitutional responsibility to deal honestly with immigration policies.

Thank you,
Office of the Governor

Otherwise, the governor doesn't care what I, or anyone else in this state thinks! He only cares about the poor, defenseless, lawbreaking invaders! You see, the governor of North Carolina cannot run for reelection next year, so he can do whatever he wants. He doesn't care about enforcing the laws of the State of North Carolina, just the agenda of his handlers.

The governor's refusal to enforce the laws of North Carolina are grounds for impeachment. The North Carolina General Assembly needs to call a special session to resolve this issue, and call into question the governor's misguided actions.