Monday, March 17, 2008

Convince Ron Paul To Make A Third Party Run

While it is a little known fact, there is currently an on-going effort to convince Ron Paul to make a third party run for the White House. A petition drive online is attempting to show Dr. Paul that there are enough Americans who want an alternative to the clones of Party A and Party B. (Click here to view the petition and/or sign it.)

In recent weeks Dr. Paul has been dropping hints (despite what the media have claimed; according to the media Dr. Paul has dropped out of the race more time than George Foreman has retired from boxing) that he would consider a third party run for president. However, he needs to hear that there are Americans out there who want him to do just that. To many of us wish to complain about Hillary/Obama/McCain, but we don't do anything other than complain. Now is your chance. Sign the petition, email Dr. Paul's Congressional office, his campaign office, and write him a letter as well. Call his offices - let him know that you want to see him run for president.

We need an alternative. Can he win as a third party candidate? Of course! Will it be an uphill battle? Of course, the machine that controls our nation will fight such a move tooth and nail. But just because it will be hard doesn't mean that it cannot be done.

Ray Perdue
Jefferson Republican Party

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