Sunday, August 31, 2008


The Jefferson Republican Party, which is the TRUE Republican Party of Jefferson and Madison, had two members as candidates for office in Fyffe, Alabama, this council election and both were victorious. My opponent withdrew from the race, giving me the win by default. Councilman Fred Works laid waste to his opponent defeating him almost two to one. Works and myself will be the only members of the current council going into the new administration.

William Potter

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rayhami said...

Keeping you in the know on the BIG BUZZ, across the country. A US soldier wrote good provocative new book: "THE ROAD TO AMERICA’S ECONOMIC MELTDOWN," by RAYMOND BERESFORD HAMILTON.
A US Soldier who fights wars for this country wrote this interesting work. One reader wrote: all Americans need to read this book both conservatives and democrats, it says a lot. There are important issues here that we all need to be reminded of. The book makes more sense than Dick Morris' "Catastrophe" or Glen Beck's nonsense "Common Sense."
It focuses on the system of government that has developed over time in America and its attitude toward the poor and its unconditional support for the wealthy. Which are good relevant points. This is a truthful book that hits home in many ways. It challenges the US Senate to do a better job of regulating the economy and to provide better protections for the future generations of Americans to come.
I recommend it for Republicans and Democrats alike, and for anyone who considers themselves to be an American.