Friday, June 26, 2009

Facts About Hate Crimes

By Noah Cooke with Ray Perdue

I am writing this in response to federal hate crimes legislation. Keep in mind, the Jefferson Republican Party does not condone any acts of violence against anyone.

I will be using 2007 statistics because those are the most recent available. I also will only be concentrating on the more serious violent crimes, because if someone spray paints a mosque or Synagogue the P.C. police tend to go to the opposite extreme and a call it a hate crime. However, if a Baptist Church were to be vandalized it is labeled as just simple vandalism.

Now for the statistics:

In 2007 there were 1,408,337 violent crimes in the United States. Broken down there were:

16,929 murders
90,427 forcible rapes
855,856 cases of aggravated assault.

Of these, the Justice Department considered nine murders two rapes and 1,907 aggravated assaults as hate crimes.

That means only .005% of murders, .000221% of rapes and .02% of aggravated assault victims were victims of hate crime according to the Justice Department.

The fact is the so-called hate crime victims make a very small percentage of the total amount victims of violent crimes.

The question the Jefferson Republicans have is this: do certain groups rate special laws by making crimes against them carry a greater punishment? We resoundingly and unequivocally say no!

The constitution guarantees Equal protection under the law. Not special protection for certain chosen groups, especially when the so-called hate crimes make up such a small percentage of the amount of violent crime taking place.

On a side note I would ask were is the anguish for those million or so victims of violent crimes who weren’t classified as hate crimes. Lastly, our position is to punish the crime, and the severity of the crime, no matter who the victim is. Do not attach a special label to crimes against certain groups, and call it a hate crime in order to increase the punishment just to pander to special interest groups.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

JRP Announces New Forums

JRP returned this week to the Forum World, establishing the New Jefferson Group forums. The JRP and its associated political action group, ScotWatch, have existed in the Yahoo groups realm for the last fours years. William Potter feels that the time is right to move towards the forum-style format of exachnging information, views and opinions.

The new forum has been fully operational since last week, and has already received a number of hits and visits.

You can join by following this link - http://newjeffersoniangroup.proboards.comindex.cgi?action=register