Saturday, March 6, 2010

Gearing Up for 2010 Cycle

The JRP is gearing for the 2010 election cycle. We will be actively supporting and campaigning for local candidates in Alabama and Arkansas this year.

The JRP has endorsed and supports Jim Holt's candidacy for the Arkansas US Senate that is open this year. You can read more about Mr. Holt here.

The JRP is seriously concerned about the problems brought upon us by rampant illegal immigration. The JRP is in no way opposed to immigration. In fact, we are strong supporters of LEGAL immigrants coming to this country to make better of themselves and to provide for a better life for their families. Some of the greatest, most patriotic citizens throughout American history, have been those who sorrowfully left their native lands held hostage by some despot. They chose to leave home, and embrace a new home where Life, Liberty, and Constitutional government reigns supreme.

Interim Chairman William Potter states that part of the local campaigns in Alabama will be focusing on the illegal immigration issue.

Please consider supporting and voting for JRP candidates in your local area. If you believe in the Principles of Liberty laid down in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, consider running for a local office in your area this year. JRP firmly believes if we are to restore limited government, we must first start on the local level.


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