Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Response To President Obama's Libya Speech

President Barack Obama declared Monday night that the United States intervened in Libya to prevent a slaughter of civilians that would have stained the world's conscience and "been a betrayal of who we are."

Apparently The President is unaware (or doesn't care) that these military actions are a betrayal of THE CONSTITUTION and the very principles the nation was founded upon.

Supposedly Colonel Gadaffi's forces have "murdered civilians", nevermind that these "civilians" are mainly foreign mercenaries and hostile tribes armed by outsiders and militants from neighboring countries.

Neverminding the FACT that it is none of the business of the United States what occurs in the Libyan Civil War are we to believe that if UNITED STATES CITIZENS rose in armed rebellion against Washington that President Obama would not use military force to stop such a rebellion or Coup against HIS government??

Are we to believe that if a group of citizens demanded that The President and Congress step down that they would peacefully do so without taking any action to preserve their own power??

How are the actions taken by the Libyan Gov't any different from the actions our own gov't would take in a similar situation?

If my history is correct the last time Americans TRIED to free themselves from federal control in 1861 the President and Congress began a great war against the citizens which led to the death of 700,000 Americans. Has Gadaffi killed even 1/100th of this amount in his attempt to preserve his government?

Obama's comments are a bad tasting mixture of naivety, arrogance and hypocrisy and while he ran on a campaign of peace and "bringing the troops home" he is no better than President Bush and is worthy of the same scorn that his own party heaped on Bush for engaging in the same type of Globe Trotting Militarism.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Bill Atkinson For Alabama House District 105

The time has come for an end to the duopoly that controls all politics in Alabama and an end to the "Montgomery Good Ole Boy" backscratching system of politics.
The Jefferson Republican Party is proud to endorse Bill Atkinson's Campaign for Alabama House District 105.
Mr. Atkinson is a man who believes in freedom without government interference and he is also a humanitarian and is president of the Honduras Orphans Provision Effort a non-profit charity dedicated to caring for homeless children in Honduras.
Bill is a candidate of the Constitution Party but he believes as the JRP believes that the heritage of Liberty given to us by our forefathers is in danger of being undermined by those same forces of Statism who control both the Democratic and Republican Parties in both Alabama and the rest of the United States.
Godspeed to the Atkinson Campaign! You have our endorsement and our support.

Jefferson Republican Party of Alabama


The members of the Jefferson Republican Party call upon the United States Congress and President Obama to end the attack on the sovereign nation of Libya.
Libya as a nation poses no threat to the security of The United States and this attack is unwarranted as well as immoral.

The world is in economic crisis and the last thing that is needed is another unconstitutional war to suck American tax monies and bring death to young American soldiers as well as to the people of Libya.
We urge the United States Government to end this attack.

Jefferson Republican Party of The United States of America